Summit Day 1
Re-envisioning the Practice and Purpose of Leadership
Measuring, Creating, and Sustaining Organizational and Community Well-Being
  • A Score of 6 for the Eau Claire Happiness Initiative: What We would Do Differently
    Mike Huggins, Former City Manager of Eau Claire, Wisconsin
  • Happiness and Well-Being in the Workplace and Community: The Story of and Delivering Happiness
    Jenn Lim, CEO and Chief Happiness Officer of Delivering Happiness
  • ME Values and Your Culture: a Foundation for Your Organization’s Happiness and Well-Being–Mini Skill-Building Workshop
    Sunny Grosso, Coaching & Culture Chief, Delivering Happiness
Open Space Process

Propose your topic of interest and connect with others

Dinner and Inaugural Celebration  5 p.m. – 8 p.m.
On the rooftop of the Pyle Center, looking over beautiful Lake Mendota


Summit Day 2
Mindful Leadership
  • Mindfulness in the Workplace: From Cushion to Cubicle
    Dave Rakel, Founder and Director, UW-Madison Integrated Medicine Program
  • It’s a No-Brainer: Integrating Mindfulness Into Your Organization
    Jennifer Hunter, Director of Wellness, Cleveland Clinic Wellness Enterprise
Collaborative Decision-Making and Stakeholder Engagement
  • The Power of Collective Impact: Creating Social Change through Effective Business, Non Profit, and Public Partnerships –Mini Skill-Building Workshop
    Jennifer Splansky Juster, Managing Director, FSG
Two-day Post-Summit Workshops

Make Happy Work™ Foundation Experience: a Comprehensive Approach to Creating Organizational Well-Being 

Shereen Eltobgy, Development Coach and Diva, Delivering Happiness
Sunny Grosso, Coaching & Culture Chief, Delivering Happiness

The Art of Innovation: a Design Thinking Immersion Course

Tracy Brandenburg, Cornell University
Toddi Gutner, Cornell University

Note that the schedule is subject to change.
All meals are included during the two day Summit. Lunch and breakfast are included in the 2 day post-summit workshops.